Less Than Zer0

“They think that I’ve got no respect, but, everything means less than zero.”–Elvis Costello

Clarity. January 21, 2011

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“He asked you if you were a bear?? I don’t…mean to be
rude, but that reminds me of
Joey. You know,
how he’s always talking about how there are no bears in Jamaica?”
And simple as that, Corinne pointed out what I’d been missing the
entire month of November. Boy Wonder had
NOT been dissing me in a
manner unseen since my näive undergrad days. He was just
oblivious. Because he’s a med
. And med students, by definition, are
space cadets.
Example: another med guy I know was waxing romantic the other night
about how he wanted to “find his Elliot” (from
Scrubs). To support this argument, he
told the story of how the she punched her JD
in the face when he broke up with her. What ever does it
for you, I guess.
I’m around so few non-meds these
days, I forget we used to make special allowances for them
when I was in Houston. As in, I’m sure only the most stable of the
lot made it into my H-town circle of friends, and yet, we still
took it for granted that med student =
awkward. Now that I get to see the full range of med students
every day, I am acquainted with maladroitness of mythical
proportions. You don’t believe me? Of the coolest guys I know, one
named his dog after a type of cell found in your brain
(“Oligodendrocyte“), and another
buys flowers for his
Literally, these are two of the
most well-adjusted
friends I have. You don’t want to hear stories about
the charity
. This zoo distorts your perception.
What has medical school done to
I used to drink
cocktails with
millionaires and party with
trust-fund socialites–now I’m
intimidated by the socially challenged.


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