Less Than Zer0

“They think that I’ve got no respect, but, everything means less than zero.”–Elvis Costello

Sign of the cross wards off the evil eye…. June 4, 2010

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Example of a pyogenic granuloma.

It’s all my fault. First all the clinic computers go down to a virus shortly after I arrive. By lunch we know all 4 campus of Texas Tech Health Sciences Center have been hit.

Then, my resident gets stuck on the wrong side of the border and has to cancel his afternoon appointments (What was he doing over there on a Friday morning to begin with?).

Two patients later, I have seen exactly one cat scratch fever & one CHF/Amphetamine abuse/chronic alcoholism/pyogenic granuloma–which translate neatly into 2 hospital admissions to my patient log.  Arranging direct admissions with pen & paper is a bit of a drag.

The clerkship director sent me home before I could do anymore damage…pray for the cat.


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